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Company Information

To be a Leading Service Provider - as Customer's First Alternate Choice to OEM -- in the Energy Sector!

Assist Power Generation Utilities to improve performance Cost effective Maintenance solutions Create platform for sharing Best Practices and Knowledge Reverse Engineering and Modifications Blend technologies of various Designs Import Substitution

Small Enterprise - IMMEDIATE response Competent Field Specialists with Customer focus attitude. Ensures Deputation of Equipment Conversant Specialists Ability to Blend Technologies Repair-to-Replacement approach Considerable saving effected as on date on orders executed

EM Services Strength | Quality services at lower cost
Single largest pool with over 25 highly experienced Ex-BHEL Engineers having collective experience of over 500 man-years in Energy sector Highly experienced team on all make and type of TG Sets Quality of work maintained to OEM standards at considerable low cost. A very reliable service organization with prompt response. Reverse Engineering of high cost components with strong ability to blend technologies. Professionally managed Company blending best practices of organizations like BHEL, GE.

EM Services capability | An alternate to OEMs

Turbine, Generator & Auxiliaries
Capital Maintenance of medium and large TG Sets and auxiliaries; Repair, Machining, Re-blading, Stub Shaft fitting, Slow Speed/ In-situ Balancing of Turbine Rotor, Repair/ Rewinding of Generator Stator/ Rotor, Repair/ Rewinding and core building of hydro generator; valves servicing; repair and seat cutting/ replacement; Re-tubing of heat exchanger; inspection, retrofit of piping and hangers.

Metallurgical & NDT services
Visual / Ultrasonic Rotor bore inspection, magnetic pole inspection using wet fluorescent with cooling technique, NFT of Turbine Blades, Replica, Eddy Current Examination of Condensers, Retaining rings etc.

Electrical Testing of Generator & Motors
Stator, ELCID, Tan Delta, IR PI, Winding Resistance, Partial Discharge; Rotor RSO, Impedance etc.

PP thickness Survey, Replacement, Servicing, Retrofit of APH, ESP, Fans, Mills, Burners, Duct & Dampers, Pumps, Voith Coupling; valves servicing, Retrofits, Seat Cutting/ replacement, Furnace Skin casing Refractory work.

Re-Engineering of Turbine Flow Parts Components
Since 2003-04, EMServices is supporting Utilities in re-engineering of critical turbine components at low cost with OEM standard quality with third-party inspections. We have manfactured and supplied HP/IP/LP moving blades, Diaphragms, Packing Rings, Valves Components, Bearings, Thrust Pads, HD Balancing weights etc.

Other Services
Consultancy for New Unit Installation, Erection and Commissioning of Power Plant Equipment including project management, Supervision, O&M Services. System study and improvement of existing Power Generating Units; O&M services Third Party inspection services. Placement services for Power personnel.

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