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We undertake Maintenance & Repair Services for Turbine, Generators and Auxiliaries: Manufacturing of Spares, Re-Engineering of Turbine Blades


Major Inspection/ COH of TG Set

    EM Services undertakes turnkey contracts. The scope normally includes complete dismantling of Turbine/ Generator, detailed inspection of internal, replacement of worn out components and reassembly. Maintaining proper alignment and catenary for smooth and reliable operation with improved efficiency


Testing of Turbine components

    EM Services is providing Troubleshooting services on running unit specifically for resolution of problems related to vibration, Governing System, Deviation in Operating parameters, Generator Seal etc.



    Residual Life Assessment Study identifies the condition of vital Turbine components to assist management to plan/ decide replacement, refurbishment or R&M so as to prolong the useful life of Turbine and accrue the benefits of modern developments of technology.



    Steam Path Audit is based on mathematical model of Turbine created from the Heat Balance Diagram its thermodynamic parameters and constructional features. It utilizes established software to calculate the Heat Loss.


Expert Advisory Services

    EM services provide Expert Advisory Services during Maintenance/ Repair of TG Sets undertaken by utilities departmentally or through other agencies. Such services are normally availed by utilities to support their Technical team with Expert Guidance to ensure quality of work executed by other agencies including OEM’s. NTPC is regularly availing such services from us for their 660 MW Turbine and Generator of KWU Design even though the contract for Overhauling is, at times awarded to OEM.


Due Diligence Studies

    EM Services provides Due Diligence Services for assessing the condition of any Generating Unit as per customer’s requirement. Our Expert Team conducts a detailed walk down the survey to assess the physical condition of equipments, Inspect Critical Components and review the records to finalize detailed report to facilitate customer take proper decision.


Diaphragm Repair

    EM Services specializes in all kind of repair for Diaphragms. This includes developing and profiling of worn out portions or partitions through special process and replacing peak seals / spill strips, contributing to improved efficiency of Turbine.



    Turbine Blades are the most stressed components inside a Turbine. Reblading of Turbine Moving Blades is a critical work requiring high level of expertise.EM Services is regularly executing Reblading works on turbine Rotor at site. We have highly specialized equipment with special tools and fixtures to undertake reblading and re-bucketing of all Makes/ Types of Turbine Rotors.


Machining of Turbine Rotors

    EM Services has executed critical jobs like Stub Shaft Fitting on Turbine Rotor. The work involves cutting of Turbine Rotor Shaft and bolting of an Extension piece (Stub Shaft). Other on site machining works includes Heat Groove Machining, Run-out Removal of Turbine Rotor, Thrust Collar, Rotor Journal, Shroud and Root Machining of Blades.


Dynamic Balancing of Rotors

    Dynamic Balancing of Turbine Rotors is another specialized service offered by EM Services. After Reblading or Machining on Turbine Rotors, Dynamic balancing of low speed is usually recommended. EM Services is equipped with Slow Speed Balancers for undertaking ON SITE Dynamic Balancing of Turbine Rotors up to 100 Tons in Weight. EM Services also offers High Density Balancing Weights. The Dynamic Balancer is also used at site to undertake all machining works on Turbine Rotors to eliminate the hazardous transportations of Critical Equipment.


Generator Repairs

    EM Services has carried out critical Repairs of Generators, having Hydrogen cooling and stator Water system. Stator Core Repair, Stator Bar Replacement, Identification and Plugging of the punctured hollow Stator Bar, Replacement of Slip Ring, Machining of Slip Ring etc. EM Service is equipped to undertake Rewinding of Full Stator and Rotor apart from any type of critical repair of Generator like installation of Ripple Springs, Stator Core Looseness by installing Belly Bands and Replacement of Rotor Retaining Rings. ul life of Turbine and accrue the benefits of modern developments of technology.


Manufacturing of Spares

    EM Services has manufactured and supplied many Steam Flow Path Components for Medium and Large TG Sets of different makes to various Utilities in the country some are listed below:

  • Turbine Moving Blades (HP/IP/LP including Last Stages)
  • Nozzle Plates, Diaphragms
  • Complete set of Sealing Segments/Packing Rings and Peak Seals/Spill Strips
  • Valve Components like Cams, Bushings , Spindles, Seats etc.
  • Coupling Bolts, Casing Studs
  • Bearings Liners, Thrust Pads
  • High Density Balancing Weights
  • Hydrogen Seal Assembly Slip Ring, CC bolts etc

RE-Engineering of Turbine Blades

    Since 2003-2004, EM Services is supporting Utilities having Imported TG sets in indigenizing Critical Turbine Components at low cost with OEM Quality standards and third party inspection in the presence of the Customer. We have manufactured and supplied Last Stage Moving Blades for GE, AEI (BHEL), KWU Design Turbines. HP Diaphragms, Nozzle Plates etc., for GE (USA) Make Turbines.

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